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Make sure you put our zip code 81144 or City - Monte Vista, CO

Kelly is a DOLL! She is an older blue nose Pitt.  She won't be upset if you  hang with your friends as long as you give her a good belly rub and let her know you love her.  Kelly is a very socialized lady and would be great in any loving home.

Some New Friends...

Adoption Prices

Puppies up to 8 Months                                 $150.00

Dogs 9 Months to 8 Years                              $125.00

8 Years and Older (Senior)                             $75.00

The State of Colorado requires an additional $50.00 deposit until the dog is spayed/neutered.  Deposit is refundable after a copy of Spay/neuter certificate is given to the shelter.

Tank is a Shepherd/Rottweiller mix and is a big boy! He is about 5 y/o and would make a great watch dog.

Buddy is a young  male chihuahua.  He has his fall sweater on and is waiting for you to take him on a long walk. Won't you share your warm fire with him.

Sally is a shepherd mix.  she is about 2y/o and very sweet and looking for a yard to play in and a warm home full of love.

What a smile! After all she has been through, Cheyenne is still a happy and trusting girl.  She is a 3 y/o American bulldog and would love a big yard and lots of love!

Ben is a medium size mix breed. He is shy but warms up quickly to a gentle hand. Come by and see him.  He is looking for a loving home.