Wrigley is waiting.  He is a clown lab mix.  He looks forward to camping and fishing with you and your family.

A background check and home visit will need to be done prior to adoption. 

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Make sure you put our zip code 81144 or City - Monte Vista, CO

Some New Friends...

Adoption Prices

Puppies up to 8 Months                                 $150.00

Dogs 9 Months to 8 Years                              $125.00

8 Years and Older (Senior)                             $75.00

The State of Colorado requires an additional $50.00 deposit until the dog is spayed/neutered.  Deposit is refundable after a copy of Spay/neuter certificate is given to the shelter.

Delilah is a young blue nose pitt mix.  she is simply the sweetest gal.  She is on the smaller side and loves everyone and other dogs.She needs a home with no cats.  A background check and home visit will need to be done prior to adoption.  we will also do a home visit after.

This is Bear-Bear.  this buddy has had a long journey prior to making it to the shelter.  He prefers to be your only dog. He loves people, does very well on a leash and absolutely lives for long walk. were you looking for a walking buddy who is never too busy to go with you? Bear Bear is your partner!

Tank is a Shepherd/Rottweiller mix and is a big boy! He is about 5 y/o and would make a great watch dog.

Rhonda is the smallest of the Chi Mix litter.  She is also the bravest and will make a great little companion

Veta is a young bully mix. She will need a strong owner who understand bully breeds. She wants to be the only dog in your home and prefers older children.

Please remember that we do a background check and home visit on all bully's and bully mixes.