On any given day, our shelter is home to more than 30 dogs waiting to meet you and their family today! 


We were lucky to start our shelter back in 2010 and we've been able to successfully keep our doors open. It's taken a lot of love, hard work and dedication, but the animals make every day a joy for us! 


SHELTER Stories...

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Who remembers Bernie and Gertie? They came to us as a bonded pair in late July. When we put them in the paper or on here we advertised them as a pair, hoping to find a home for them together. We had calls and lookers but they were a difficult commitment for folks. Bernie being a Dane mix and Gertie a Pitt mix was a BIG package for anyone. 
So, they waited.......and waited and waited. Wagging their tails and being very patient with the shelter routines and barking their best "pick me" bark as they were passed over in favor of other buddies. Five long months went by. 
In January the shelter received a call from the east coast....hmmmm, another robo call......as luck would have it on that quiet afternoon the Robo call was answered. On the other end was a shy and hesitant question "Did we still happen to have Bernie and Gertie by any chance?"
The answer, "Yes, we do. We had hoped to adopt them as a pair but might consider separating them. Do you have a tall fence? " 
Then a loud scream and the phone on the east coast is passed to someone so excited she can hardly breathe . 
"You do? You have my Bernie and Gertie? When can I come get them?! OMG! I'm on my way! "
After several more phone calls, some exchanged pictures and documentation and five long months, Bernie and Gertie were going home. The original guardian of Bernie and Gertie had been looking and waiting for them. She and a friend bought a car and drove to the shelter from the east coast to find their lost buddies. 
Both Gertie and Bernie were a little shy at first....they had been through this routine before...being looked at and petted only to be returned to their pen.
The pictures above are the moment when they actually smelled their guardian and best friend. Bernie couldn't help himself, hugs were in order and he wouldn't let go. Gertie was wagging her tail so hard she couldn't stand up! After a brief reunion they all loaded up and headed for the east coast. Four big smiles!

Well...it's a long and twisted tale for sure. They were here with the original owners who had to leave to go home on a family issue. They were flying back so they left the dogs in the care of some folks who left Bernie and Gertie in the care of some other folks who left the valley with them , then they ran away and were found by some other folks ...... ( there were probably some other "folks" who helped and hurt along the way that we don't know about ) ...you know how the story goes. The shelter was called to come pick them up in the mountains above Crestone ish way. They were skinny, hungry, dirty, confused and scared when we picked them up in July, but at least they had stayed together through about 6 months of shuffling and running. That is one reason we were intent on keeping them together at adoption. 
The original owner was back east taking care of a family emergency, thinking things were great and had no idea where to begin when she found out they weren't where she left them . She had given up hope of ever finding them when she found out they had run away from the Mountains around Salida. That seemed to be where the story ended for her dogs. 
Calling us was a shot in the dark and actually finding them was stunning. She and her friend went to great lengths to get here and have a way to get them back home. They were at the shelter about ten days later with a bag of burgers from McD's ( Bernie and Gerties favorites!) and tears all around. It was a heartwarming reunion to be sure!