San Luis Valley Animal Shelter
Conour Animal Shelter
in Monte Vista, Colorado

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2850 Sherman Ave - PO Box 369
Monte Vista, CO 81144

Closed Sunday and Monday
Tuesday thru Friday from 10am - 5 pm
Saturday from 10am - 4pm

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Upper Rio Grande Animal Society


Adoption Program

The adoption program connects homeless pets in the shelter’s care with adoptive loving permanent homes.  The shelter serves as a temporary home and every dog deserves a healthy and safe environment while waiting to be adopted.  All dogs are vaccinated, dewormed, and provided necessary veterinary care.  The staff provides daily quality care including behavioral modification and grooming for each dog.  The dogs are spayed/neutered and micro chipped prior to going home.  The standard adoption fee is $150 for puppies and small dogs, $125 for medium dogs and $75 for older and larger less adoptable dogs.  Special discounts are given in considering the length of time the dog has been at the shelter, the age and size of the dog, and if a dog has a certain defect which makes it harder to adopt.  All animals available for adoption are evaluated based on their known history, health, and temperament.  All animals remain available for adoption as long as they are in good health and acceptable behavior continues.  There is no time limit for how long an animal may remain for adoption, however quality of life for animals is of utmost importance and enrichment activities and foster care are utilized to this benefit.  The average cost for caring for one dog is $250 during the 5-day holding period and the shelter houses at least 30 dogs per day on a regular basis.




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